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9-part series: $900 + GST

Once per month we meet together to map out the steps required to work towards their post-secondary goals, while emphasizing self-awareness and well-being.


Providing students with the tools needed to navigate this process often builds self-confidence, which helps reduce stress and anxiety to launch towards the next stage.

Small Groups 

We believe students will benefit from learning how to collaborate and communicate with a small group of unfamiliar people (max.10 students per group). Reality work will be part of ANY post-secondary path. The most recognized "soft skills for post-secondary success" are: adaptability, information management, collaboration, communication, leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity

Structured Framework

Each 90 minute workshop has a clear and relevant topic, which build sequentially to increased self awareness and growth. The goal is clear—to launch students successfully from high school.

We move through the following topics:

  • Core values

  • Goal setting

  • Personal strengths

  • Communication

  • Mindset

  • Budgeting

  • Decision making

  • Networking

  • Transitioning beyond secondary school

Support and Confidence

Group interactions offer many benefits. Learning from others, while working through common experiences can provide support, build confidence, and instill hope. As parents, you may recall finding support and friendship in common-shared experiences, such as new parent groups, organized sports, or through a newcomers club.


Students, too, will take comfort being with others who are also working through the process of transitioning to life after high school, while learning the valuable skills of networking and collaborating. 

Your Facilitators:



Personal, Family + Couples Counsellor



Post-Secondary + Education Counsellor

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