Once per month we meet together as a small group to research and discuss a number of post-secondary plans, map out the steps required to work towards their goals, and talk about how hobbies, extra-curricular activities, and community involvement can be a great way to discover more about interests, values and career opportunities.


Providing students with the tools needed to navigate this process often builds self-confidence, which helps reduce stress and anxiety to launch towards the next stage.

Small Groups 

Students learn how to collaborate, communicate, and get creative with a range of people. The workshop is designed to help students develop the life skills needed to be successful in a wide range of post-secondary environments.

Structured Framework

Groups are led to explore a wide variety of post-secondary paths.  The goal is clear—to launch students successfully from high school. Through interactive tasks and animated discussions, students will be introduced to a broad range of post-secondary paths that include:

The college and university admissions process

Career exploration

GAP year programs

Skilled trades

Support and Confidence

Group interactions offer many benefits. Learning from others, while working through common experiences can provide support, build confidence, and instill hope. As parents, you may recall finding support and friendship in common-shared experiences, such as new parent groups, organized sports, or through a newcomers club.


Students, too, will take comfort being with others who are also working through the process of transitioning to life after high school, while learning the valuable skills of networking and collaborating. 



Personal, Family + Couples Counsellor

Supportive counselling serving children, youth and adults to navigate diverse challenges:

  • Children/Youth: school-related challenges, behaviours, anxiety, depression, grief/loss

  • Adults: anxiety, depression, grief/loss, anger, life transitions, parenting, relationships, return-to-work, vocation planning, chronic health barriers, and stress management. 



Post-Secondary + Education Counsellor

Working one on one with students and their families helping them explore, and navigate, post-secondary planning and the university admissions process.